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Valentine Packages…

$59 Jin Shin Massage

includes chocolate sugar scrub @ back

 for 1 person to be received in one 45 minute visit within 6 months

This offer ends 2-28-22.

What is Jin Shin Massage?

It gets the best results. It combines chi circulation therapy (Jin Shin Jyutsu) with Swedish massage & passive range of motion to release patterns of muscle tension.

$99 Double Delight Facial

& Swedish Massage Package

to be used by 1 person in 1 visit within 6 months

This offer ends 2-28-22.

This 90 minute gift package includes…

  •  Cleanse & relaxing STEAM exfoliation
  • Custom double mask for your skin type
  • Neck & shoulder massage during 1st mask
  • Hands & forearms massage during 2nd mask
  • Extra Swedish Massage @ choice of back, legs or feet

$99 / 75 minute Package

includes Hot Bamboo Massage

& mini-Peel Facial

to be used by 1 person in 1 visit within 6 months

This offer ends 2-28-22.


My purple door is on the west side of 4233 Medwell Dr.

Open by appointment only

Accepting new female clients only.

Welcome former male clients.

Any new male clients must be referred by a verifiable female client.

As protective measures for Covid-19, please wear your mask to your appointment.

Your licensed massage therapist, Gina, will also wear a mask during your treatment.

Thank you!

Current Location…

For your protection during Covid-19, a Vollara air purifier is now in use here.

ActivePure® Technology is the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered.

Certified Space Technology


 Book your Raindrop Therapy 

$80 / 1 hour

Support your immune system

with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Valor YLEO blend applied at your feet followed by
8 therapeutic grade essential oils applied up the spine
& gently massages into the skin.
Hot compress @ back encourages skin & circulatory system to absorb the Young Living essential oils. During compress @ back 3 oils applied to calves & feet with vitaflex & massage. End face up with soothing, gentle stretch @ neck & legs.


Royal Bliss Massage Package

Royal Bliss Massage is the ultimate treat for AnyONE you
want to pamper like royalty…including yourself. It is a luxurious,
combination of aromatherapy, Swedish massage, acupressure,
a paraffin dip for your hands, PLUS a HOT COMPRESS for your BACK
all topped off with a Peppermint Foot Glow for your feet.

90 minutes  /   $130

2 hours  /   $160


Send your gift orders to


Please be specific about the service or multiple services you want on your gift certificate.

Please include the name of person receiving the gift. Never email me any credit card information.

You will receive a secure invoice via email within 24 hours.

Your gift certificate will be emailed to you after receiving your payment for the invoice.

Available Monday through Saturday

Thank you for shopping for healthy gifts with Gina!



 Current Bodywork Rates 

  • 1 hr. Jin Shin Massage  $65
  • 90 minute Jin Shin Massage  $95
  • 60 minute Natural Face Lift Massage $79
  • 30 minute 4 Course Face Massage $45
  • 1 hr. Jin Shin Jyutsu  $65
  • 1 hr. Luxury Spa Massage  $80
  •  90 minute Luxury Spa Massage $110
  • 1 hr. Raindrop Therapy  $80
  •  Expecting Mom’s can enjoy my prenatal massage table.

  • 1 hr Hot Bamboo Massage  $70
  • 90 minute Hot Bamboo Massage  $100
  • 1 hr. Deep Muscle Massage  $70
  • 90 minute Deep Muscle Massage  $110
  • 30 minute Chair Massage $30
  • 15 minute Chair Massage $15
  • 30 minute Foot Reflexology $40
  • 30 minute Peppermint Foot Glow $45
  • 30 minutes Lymphatic Drainage Massage $40
  •                                                       1 hr Breath Again Massage $75 / 1 hr  – The first 1/2 hour ends with an aromatherapy Sugar Scrub at the back after your detailed back massage to help the ribs expand more freely to breath easier. Your choice of aromatherapy to help open your sinuses during back massage. Escape sinus pressure. Second 1/2 hour focusing on the face with an acupressure face lift that also includes hand massage. This treatment clears sinuses & relaxes the neck.
    Feel like a new person!


What is Jin Shin Massage?

Live more comfortably in your body!

Combination of Jin Shin Jyutsu, passive range of motion & Swedish massage
Pressure varies from light to deep according to personal muscle tissue response.
It  can be used for relaxation or injury treatment.
Swedish massage is the foundation upon which
all western massage techniques are created.

Customized your massage.

You may choose massage to soothe & relax your…

  • neck, shoulders,
  • face,
  • scalp, ears,
  • arms,
  • hands,
  • back,
  • legs
  • feet



Full body house cleaning
for your meridian system.

Energetic, emotional grit & stress of daily life can clog your meridians like a hairball clogs the bathroom sink. You can prevent an overflow of backed up energy from becoming physical discomfort by booking a monthly Jin Shin Jyutsu® treatment with Gina. Invest in your health!


1 hr. Jin Shin Jyutsu  $65

30 minutes Jin Shin Jyutsu $40

Top Ten Ways Receiving Regular
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Improves Quality of Life

  1. Softens Chronic Muscle Tension
  2. Helps Dissipate Anxiety
  3. Sharpens Mental Clarity
  4. Improves Sleep
  5. Enhances Fertility Treatment
  6. Balances Body Weight
  7. Eases Digestive Functions
  8. Disperses Headache Pain
  9. Reduces Neck, Shoulder & Lower Back Pain
  10. Adjusts Attitudes

Keep in mind, Jin Shin Jyutsu® is NEVER intended to replace medical care.


All services are by appointment only.




Thank you to all clients

who bring me your muscle & meridian

projects to encourage wellness in your lives.