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About Me

Lighten up Your Life!
Gina is a licensed esthetician as
well as a licensed massage therapist!
Skin care & bodywork services are available.

Indiana Cosmetology Board esthetician license #ES21300003

My Pledge to Serve Those Who Love to Live in Their Skin

As humans, we enter this world wearing our skin & exit it in a more experienced suit of skin. The skin’s cells renewal factor shifts from 14 days to as long as 84 days during an average lifespan. My desire is to serve people who love living in their skin & wish to keep it as healthy, radiant & youthful as possible through the various stages of life. The skin is our tactile connection to life! Our perceptions & opinions of our skin as well as the quality of touch & emotions we experience through our skin’s sensory nerves uplift our human quality of life. As an esthetician, I have the opportunity to transform lives by nurturing each client’s healthy skin.

Curiosity about Ayurvedic skin tonics & my own aging skin inspired me to expand my massage practice into esthetics. Twenty years of experience as a licensed massage practitioner qualifies me to build a one of a kind skin care practice. My bodywork specialty has been the energy meridian system. Aromatherapy has also played a big role in my massage practice. Both of these elements will enhance my anti-aging skin care services far beyond the knowledge of the average esthetician.

I expect my clients will look at my skin & find it easier to trust me about how to care for middle age skin over that of a 20 to 30 year old esthetician. I want my esthetics clients to be proud to show off their healthy, beautiful skin at any age!  I appreciate serving humanity through the gifts of esthetics and bodywork.


Gina Carrigan-Piper, LMT, LE

for reaching her

25 year anniversary

as a Licensed Massage Therapist

in August 2020.

Since 1995, Gina Carrigan-Piper has done 1000s of hours of massages. Her hands have ironed out 100s of tight backs, loosened up 100s of scrunched up shoulders, soothed 100s of achy neck muscles, relieved countless headaches and renewed 100s of pairs of tired feet. Jin Shin Jyutsu & massage therapy are wellness therapies!

Take a moment to pause for an internal survey. Turn your attention on all of your muscles from head to toes & from toes to head. How do YOUR neck, YOUR shoulders, YOUR back & YOUR feet feel? Are any headaches looming? Do YOU feel overloaded or drained? Both massage therapy & acupressure help you remember what it is like to be at peace & feel healthy. Peace is a priceless commodity in our stressed-to-the-gills world! Health is your greatest treasure.


What are your credentials as a massage therapist?
Gina Carrigan-Piper has been a licensed massage therapist in private practice since 1995.
Gina earned her Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) status through the Washington State Dept. of Health in 1995.  She is currently a Licensed Massage Therapist in Kentucky (KY #2338) & a Massage Therapist in Indiana (IN # MT20901393).


Mission Statement

 Radiant Wellness Therapies, Inc. is here to make the world a better place ONE PERSON at a time. On my facial or massage table, YOUR appointment is ALL ABOUT YOU & YOUR WELL-BEING! Gina’s office space will provide a safe, professional, compassionate, neutral retreat for each client to focus on PERSONAL WELL-BEING. Please schedule an appointment so Gina can help you rediscover your infinite, innate wellness potential. Massage therapy services are intended to enhance your traditional medical care. Facial visits include no diagnosis of skin conditions. Gina recommends that you always consult your doctor or dermatologist as you see necessary.

My Goal
My goal is to be a radiant example
of the benefits of my work.

My Belief
“Wisdom is seeing God
within mySelf.
Humility is seeing God
within everyONE.”
Gina Carrigan-Piper

My Intention
My intention is always simple & clear. “How can I serve the Highest Good to bring a greater sense of healthy well-being to the person that my hands are touching at this moment?”

My Promise
I promise to treat you, as I would like to be treated.
I also promise to do my best to see & honor
God’s perfection within you.