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High Touch® is holistic engineering for the natural electromagnetic human wiring system known as meridians. Simple, accurate touch helps restore harmony, revive healthful synergy & improve quality of life!

High Touch® is an energy meridian “tune-up”.

hightouch High Touch® is
like acupuncture
WITHOUT needles!

High Touch® Jin Shin is a remarkably simple & truly effective 5000+ year old, Japanese self-healing art. It was originally passed down from generation to generation and commonly practiced in homes.

High Touch® does not involve the manipulation of bones or muscles. It does use light, accurate fingertip touch over 26 sets of circuit-breaker-like points on the body. These points are contacted in specific combinations and in flow patterns. This restores the normal flow of healing energy already naturally present in the body. The body is simply encouraged by the art of Jin Shin to restore its own health, wholeness, and vitality. It helps synchronizing your bodily functions and mental attitudes. It is highly complementary to any form of conventional medical care. You are encouraged to monitor your progress with your doctor as needed.

hightouchfacehightouchpulse High Touch Treatment
3 visit evaluation period
(1x week for 3 weeks)

Self-care tips
magnify your benefits!

Quiet, safe healing space

Gentle Acupressure

Remain fully clothed

Recline on massage table

Accurate, caring touch

Be focal point of therapist’s
care for an hour

Seeks disharmony’s source

Pressure points re-energize

Clears tension & stress

Restores kinetic balance

Helps body heal itself

Restore Meridian Flows

Personal response varies!

Everyone is unique.

Treatment frequency varies.

Symptoms change gradually
…like they usually built up.

MAY require 1 month of care
per year of chronic condition

Encourages optimal health!

Experience it yourself!

One Treatment
is worth 10,000 words!

Very Brief Version of Energy Meridian Theory

Everyone has meridians.
They govern the body’s health and vitality. These electro-magnetic energy pathways are a network that nurture every aspect of being alive from the thoughts we think, to the food we digest, to making our hearts beat. They follow very specific pathways, just like our circulatory and nervous systems do. However, they are a separate system. Consider them to be like the wiring of a house; you can’t see it behind the walls, but when you turn on the light its brilliance shines! These meridians flow freely within the body, like rivers, feeding and cleansing every cell. Thus, a person’s radiance shines!

With stress of any kind (mental, emotional, physical or traumatic) a block in the flow of energy can occur along the meridians. With such a block the natural healing potential of the body is diminished. Just like when a circuit blows, the light or whatever that circuit governs no longer functions properly. It is very much the same in our bodies. Disharmony has a specific texture and pulse frequency. When a pressure point that governs the body’s electrical energy circulation becomes congested with tension, stress or toxins, it ceases to function properly. Consequently, some areas of the body become overloaded. In turn, other areas become deficient of vital energy. Over time, this snowballs as other circuits (points) become blocked and inefficient. Health eventually diminishes. Symptoms arise first as mental/emotional attitudes of stress and progress to physical discomfort, etc.

High Touch® Benefits

Complements medical care

Decrease pain, tension
anxiety, fatigue and stress

Improve sleep

Balance Breathing

Strengthen immune system

Deeply peaceful relaxation

Promotes clear mind

Hear “your body’s wisdom”

Awareness brings change

Cope better with daily life

Excellent Preventive Care

Enjoy Your Life More!!!


Health is so much more than the absence of “dis-ease”. It is also the presence of a vital,energetic, healthy, happy countenance with an enthusiasm for life and the energy to fulfill our dreams.

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