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On-site Chair Massage

Local on-site chair massage can be delivered to the office or select special events in Warrick County, Evansville or Henderson. Let Gina’s hands be the healthy alternative to an open bar for loosening up attendees at a fundraiser by providing chair massage. Make your bridal or baby shower unique with Gina’s chair massage. It is the perfect way to show your employees or staff how much you appreciate their hard work! It focuses on the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms hands & scalp (optional). Regular chair massage at work can reduce stress, improve productivity, reduce injuries, raise morale, show compassion, reduce stress related absences & may even save on health care costs! Retain good employees by adding regular chair massage as a benefit at work. Note: the 2 or 3 hour rates are only applicable to the same date & location.

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Local On-site Chair Massage @ $80 / 1 HR
Local On-site Chair Massage @ $150 / 2 HR
Local On-site Chair Massage @ $200 / 3 HR

Local On-site Chair Massage @ $20 / 15 minutes(Minimum of 4 per location. Can be prepaid 24 hours before office visit by up to 4 individual employees.)

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