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Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy Massage is available to add to your healthcare team. Rest comfortably & safely on your belly during your back massage with my prenatal massage table. Massage keeps you more at ease in your body & supports your wellness throughout your entire 9 months. Gina combines High Touch® techniques that are especially suited to support your body’s changes, aches & pains during pregnancy with relaxation Swedish massage customized for your needs. Regular monthly or bi-weekly visits help the most. Savings packages are available for monthly visits. Just ask Gina.

Amy S. of Evansville
received regular massages throughout her entire pregnancy
and had the following to say about her experience with Gina.
“Massage during my pregnancy was wonderful. It greatly helped to relieve my sciatic, hip & lower back pain; therefore, allowing me to enjoy better sleep & deeper relaxation. I couldn’t wait for my next appointment with Gina. I highly recommend the benefits of massage to anyone,
especially pregnant women.”



Prenatal Massage  $40 / ½ HR

Prenatal Massage  $65 / 1 HR

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